Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dreaming of Hawaii

After sleeping over 11 hours last night, I am definitely better. Today is my final dosage of antibiotics and I will be seeing Dr. K. on Wednesday. Still a bit of coughing at night but not enough to make me head to the couch. We are going to hit the trifecta this morning - butcher, Trader Joe's and Safeway - for our food for the week. I cooked a nice ham steak for Michael's breakfast this morning then cracked a couple of eggs into the scrapings. He kept making the yummy sounds. I will now take some of that ham, cut it into little pieces and add some onions and peppers and eggs and bake the mixture in muffin cups for our breakfasts for the week.

We have no other plans for the day. The rains are continuing and lots of roads in our beloved mountains are closed due to trees down so we won't be going on a Sunday drive.

Our former neighbors are in Hawaii celebrating Jay's birthday, who passed away last year. The pictures have included stunning sunsets and lots of cocktails! Ron, next door, is leaving for a month in Hawaii tomorrow. He will be escaping this stormy weather, Susan will join him in two week and his daughter, who is in law school, is also going to join him for a few days. We will keep an eye on the house for him as well as gather the mail and newspapers. So wish I could fly! I will never forget getting off the plane in Honolulu and smelling the sweet air of Hawaii. Always a breeze. Paradise!

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