Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, March 17, 2016

More Drugs!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'll be wearing a bit of the green today!

Surprisingly, I was not as exhausted as I had anticipated while I drove home from the city last evening. I arrived at mom's house early, fixed her FAX machine then met with her eye doctor before a quick lunch. From her place, I drove into the city for my meeting with Dr. K.

Hawaii. Everybody we know is in Hawaii, has just been to Hawaii or is just leaving Hawaii. It is killing me! I so wish I could fly! As I was driving on the freeway to a connector to another freeway, I had to go by the airport. Right as I was driving by, a plane took off over my head. Yes, you guessed it, a Hawaiian Airlines plane happily heading west! I laughed out loud!

Dr. K. was in a good mood! Wow! Her first statement was, "You are too thin!" Not something I have ever heard from a doctor in my whole life. I replied that I have been sick and just couldn't eat. Then, I told her I have stories to tell.

I told her about not being well during Christmas and the New Year. I told her about needing oxygen and coughing all the time. I told her about exercising in early January and feeling so much better before getting this cold on March 1st. Then, I told her about my visit with the doctor yesterday.

After sharing the plan for the colonoscopy in a week, I told her I would have a report sent to her for my files. There will be no visit to the lung transplant clinic until the issue is resolved. Everything is on hold. And, I now in a waiting mode for the colonoscopy.

My lungs. My poor lungs. She listened to them, heard nastiness in the right lung and said I also had lots of wheezing. Our attack plan: Inhalers 4x a day, prednisone increase to 40mgs then stepped down every three days, a strong antibiotic. I hope it all works and makes me feel better soon.

After dinner, Michael drove us into town to get all the drugs and also the prep for the colonoscopy.

I need to get through today's eye appointment and lunch with mom then I can take it easy for the next three days. The goal is to rest to help the medicines work.

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