Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Recovering slowly

Yesterday afternoon through evening was just wild. There were 50MPH gusts as a huge storm blew through. Our power kept going out but we were still able to cook a meatloaf in the oven between outages. The downside: no internet. We heard lots of sirens but couldn't check our online site to tell us what was going on so close to us.

Just now, I phoned Comcast to have them reset my modem. I have my own Airport Wi-Fi system and theirs interferes with it. Whenever we lose power, I have to have them reset it and remove their Wi-Fi. Magic. I was back online in minutes.

The goal today is to take a shower, pay some bills and organize my life for next week.

I also received a notice that Medicare did not approve a December payment to the nutritionist so I will have to deal with that this week. It may be that I have been too stable and they don't feel I need him anymore.

My cough is now loose and not as often. I am feeling better each day but still not well. There are PFTs scheduled for Wednesday so it will be interesting to see those numbers. Michael is beginning to cough. So, just as I am planning to try sleeping in bed again, I think he will probably have to move out to the couch. We split so we don't keep the other one awake with the coughing throughout the night.

I have no appetite except for sugar free popsicles. Food is a chore to get into my body so I can take my medications. A bit of cheese this morning is all I could get down.

This is a very scattered blog, which is exactly how I feel! Sorry. I hope to make more sense tomorrow.

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