Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Goal: Get Through Today

In a nutshell: I noticed a tiny bit of bleeding just about a month ago. Not everyday. Just a couple of tiny drops. After two weeks, I made an appointment with the local doctor who did my colonoscopies and finally met with her yesterday. She found a trace amount of blood in my sample.

Now, this could be several things but three years ago, I had a precancerous polyp removed during my last colonoscopy so there is some room for worry. I was going to talk about being assessed for lung transplants with Dr. K. today but this puts everything on hold until we have some answers.

Lung transplants do not happen until someone is one year cancer free. If this is cancer, this could be a huge issue. There is no cancer in the family and I am going to assume it is not cancer until we have the test results. I am having a colonoscopy next Thursday.

So, with that drama, I am still feeling horrible and coughing during the night. My gut says I have pneumonia. I am feeling so relieved to see Dr. K. today and anxious for her to listen to my lungs. But first, I have to drive mom to her eye doctor appointment this morning and once again tomorrow morning. (The appointment with Dr. K. is later this afternoon so I will be fighting rush hour traffic all the way home.) By the time Friday arrives, I will be totally exhausted. This weekend is going to be very quiet around here.

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