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Monday, March 14, 2016

Sweet Alice

My friend Dolores emailed very sad news to me last weekend. Andrew was a kid at the school where I got sick along with Dolores' son and daughter. They were friends and the parents became close friends. All the children are launched into life and doing well.

Without any warning, Andrew's mom, Alice, had a massive stroke. The family is donating her organs. A major gift to others. She was the nicest, kindest, funniest, sweetest human. She was far too young to leave us.

The rains have ceased here for a few days. After a week of massive storms, it will be nice to let things dry out a bit. My yards are a mess, the weeds have taken over and the grass is a foot long. If I continue to recover, I may do a bit of work out there later in the week. Or not. I don't want to relapse.

I didn't get to sleep until a bit later last night then the coughing began. Around 11:30, I hauled everything out to the couch and slept sitting up most of the night. I don't feel very rested this morning. Today is the final day of antibiotics.

Mom and I are meeting today. I need to buy a couple of things (including weed killer!) before we go to lunch. I just saw the restaurant at the front of mom's complex on the news! Apparently, there was a police chase and they crashed into the front steps of the place. I'll bet she will have stories to tell!

I feel like I am dragging into Monday. Not enough sleep. Too much coughing. Too much to do.

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