Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Wednesdays are usually reserved for just the two of us. Errands or lunch or a ride. Just being together. Yesterday, I began coughing during the night and I think I got a cold from mom. She thought it was allergies but nope, I am sick. It got worse as the day wore on.

We discovered several of our outdoor lighting fixtures in the front, side and back yards needed new bulbs. One even needed a new fixture. We made our way to their warehouse and bought what we needed and Michael spent the afternoon making them all work again. Afterwards, we took a tire in to have a screw removed, chatted with the butcher, enjoyed Trader Joe's, had a fantastic lunch then had a final tour of Safeway. It was a long day!

I still had an orchestra rehearsal after dinner. Michael really didn't want me to go but I had not been for two weeks, Gerry was not going to be there and I needed to read the new music. Well, I lasted for an hour. I went home, took an Aprodine and instantly fell asleep on the couch so I did not disturb Michael throughout the night.

Today, mom and I are getting our toenails done. I think we will have them done, a bit of lunch then I will drop her off early. I need to be home.

There is a huge storm due over the weekend. I am planning not to leave the house, watch movies, nap throughout the day and try to not let this cold go into pneumonia.

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