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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Wash Your Hands

It RAINED yesterday! I think a lot of the tourist fled so the festival is not going to be successful this year. Michael and I were only able to trim the tree branches off the garage roof and he dug out five wild grass plants before the rains began. Using a pick axe and a shovel, the grasses put up a battle. It was man vs grass. He won in the end but I was worried he was going to have a heart attack in the process!

The rain. The winter season is approaching. Holidays. Families. People. The dreaded flu. It is that time of year. Please, please get a flu shot. I know, it didn't work last year. The formula is supposed to be good this year. Better safe than sorry. It took me three months to recover from the flu last year but I was thrilled to have actually recovered! I don't want to push my luck!

We have a hand gel in the car that we use after being in a store or gas station then we wash our hands the moment we get home. Menus are filthy. We also use the gel after handing the menus back to the waiters. All our friends and relatives know not be even think of seeing us if there they have a cold coming on. My goal is to not die stupid. I don't want to die because I was lazy and not vigilant against flu or cold germs.

Coughing. The RNs at the rehab class are very good at spotting people who are sick but decided to come to class. They talk with them about not sharing their germs then tell them to leave immediately. We have become good at distinguishing between a cold cough and an allergy cough. When walking and we hear a cough approaching, we head in the opposite direction. Yoga class? Coughing? I leave. Orchestra? Coughing? I leave. Beware of coughs. Get away from them.

I had to give up church long ago due to the prednisone. People go to church with colds and flues. People shakes hands with each other in some churches. People are seated very close together in churches. Those of us on immunosuppressant therapy have no way to combat exposure to these germy people. Now, I sometimes find solace in an empty church.

Don't even think about going to a movie.

We begin the season to be aware and to really safeguard our health.

And wash our hands!

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