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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Colonoscopy Day

I drank the "stuff." Bowel prep. It was not horrible but I did fight the urge to vomit. AND, I get to do it all again at 7:15 this morning! We are both a bit worried about the 30+ minute drive to the procedure center without an accident. I just want to get the colonoscopy done. Over. Finished. There is no food or even liquids at all today until afterwards. I feel like I have lost five more pounds. Northing left in me!

My coughing has greatly lessened and I was able to sleep through the night again. Glorious! Lovely to be in my own bed! I am actually feeling better. After 24-days, this horrible illness is finally working its way out of my system. Goodbye.

We may discover the cause of the bleeding today, or not. If she finds a polyp, it will need a biopsy and that takes a few days. If she notices a problem of a fissure or internal hemorrhoid, she will be immediately able to determine that is the cause. I so hope it is just a minor problem.

While he is waiting for me, Michael is going to take his walk through the downtown area, find someplace to eat lunch and buy a simple turkey with a little mayo on a roll sandwich for me. I plan to eat it in the car on our way home. It will be my first food since Tuesday night. A reward for going through this test.

Here we go.

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