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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

PT for Hip

I've been up since 4:30AM to get dress and hit the road by 5:45 for the appointment deep in the city to see the nutritionist. It has been a while. I had to cancel our last appointment to go to a funeral. Michael is taking the day off so I am meeting him for a late breakfast followed by food shopping, a walk along the ocean and a nap.

The PT appointment for my hip was interesting. The goal will be to loosen it up with stretches and add some strength exercises. He also said that I should not work out everyday. I explained to him that working out has postponed lung transplants and that not working out puts that in jeopardy. He said it was okay to take a walk along the ocean but just not my hour-long walk. It is good to workout in the gym but not everyday so I can give it time to recover. I don't know what I am going to do.

Short term, I have pulled way back and will learn to stretch out my hip and add the exercises to my morning routine. I will try to modify my workouts to give my hip some time off.

Long term, I will continue to explore other options. One thing I am considering is an electric bike to ride on the coastal trail. When I have gone too far or short of breathe, I can kick up the assistance of a battery powered motor. In other words, I can ride a bike away from traffic on a paved path along the ocean with assistance if I need it. The other option I am pursuing is the elliptical. If I can work up to 10-minutes, I will feel like I am having a good workout.

At least I have a plan.

In the meantime, I am being more mindful of my hip, not sitting with my legs crossed for any length of time and learning from Mac, my physical therapist, though sometimes he message is hard to hear.

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