Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, July 6, 2015


Fun is over. Refocus. Back to the other rehab this morning and the rehab class tomorrow. I need to remind myself to watch every bite of food. There has been waaaay too much "bad"food the last couple of days. I even had a glass of champagne at Rick and Natalie's last evening! A very rare event.

After working out this morning, I will be spending the day with mom. But, we are having extra fun this week. On Wednesday, we are meeting Barbara and her day care kids at the working ranch just south of town here on the coast. The kids love it there. They can catch, hold and feed chickens, brush the donkeys and goats, feed the sheep, card the wool and overall, just hang out. Mom loves watching the kids interact with the animals and each other. They are so kind to each other, it is a pleasure to spend time with them. They treat mom as a dear friend not an old person. She loves that.

And, as the TV commercials say: but wait, there's more! William is going to be working across the bay next Saturday. We are going to meet him for the sound check then go out to dinner together before the concert. We are bringing British Don with us for added fun.

A fun week ahead. A reminder to say focused on my health. Diet and exercise is important. Sleep well. The goal is to stay as healthy as possible while adjusting to my hip issues and the progression of the disease. And have fun along the way.

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