Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, December 21, 2015

New Computer

I have a new computer. Well, a slightly previously loved computer. My computer would not update the last five operating systems so I am now in hog heaven. It is like having a regular TV and suddenly getting a huge plasma TV. I feel so current! Thank you, British Don!

My eye is better but I still notice the constant veil that moves around as I try to see through it. No more floaters or flashes of light though, which is a good sign.

Every year, all the neighbors on our street make homemade goodies to share with each other. I usually make sugar-glazed walnuts or baklava but this year, I will be sharing mini loafs of Lemon Tea Bread. After being with mom today, I will do the baking after I get home this afternoon. Every house on the street has Christmas lights on at night and people are beginning to drive by. The house across the street has never had lights. Ever. Love the new neighbors.

I will begin the 40 mgs. of prednisone this morning along with antibiotics, which I hope makes me feel better and curb the cough. I so want to have my stamina back and just feel better.

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