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Friday, December 18, 2015

Two Parties

I feel so much better after eleven hours of sleep. I was totally done. Exhausted. Spent. Michael finally mentioned that it was okay to go to bed at seven. Boom. Snoring by 7:15!

My numbers in rehab were horrible and I really fought to do my workout. Coughing a lot. It was beginning to become productive but it was clear. Dr. K. told me to wait a couple of days for it to turn colors before beginning the antibiotics.

Mom and I are having a quiet day together. Finally. Our schedule has been too busy with lots of doctors for both of us. We are planning to do a Target run and have a nice lunch. I am going to need a quiet day as tonight is going to be wild.

Our neighbors are hosting a little party beginning at 7PM tonight. Most of the neighbors will be there and we plan to stay an hour or so. I play with Leslie in our little orchestra and her Irish fiddler group will be playing tonight. Fun.

Michael's 30-year old friend Mark (from where he worked) is having a birthday party at a club about 45-minutes away. It BEGINS at 9PM. First, it is a club. That means lots of young people, drinking young people, dancing young people. Loud. Bad music. But, it should be fun to watch it all from afar. Second, it is late for us. Michael has promised me that we are staying only an hour. I want that in writing!

Tomorrow? Quiet. Last minute gift card shopping and a bit of wrapping. We will probably hear from William. Once I know when he will arrive, I can begin to plan all the food. First up, making baklava. He will be surprised. I haven't made it for him in years.

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