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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Holiday Pressure

I had a list but felt overwhelmed yesterday. So much to do in the house and yards. So much to do for Christmas. I began with making the bed then phoned my brother. If I made and sent the baklava yesterday, it would arrive on Friday and often, they hit the road on Fridays. I wanted to be sure they would be home. We had a nice chat and I think he is touched that I am making him this most favorite treat to celebrate his 6th patent.

Making baklava is a process and it can't be hurried. It came out of the oven golden brown and sat to cool after I poured the hot honey over it. By noon, it was on its way to my brother via UPS. In the meantime, I balanced the checkbook, paid the bills, emptied the dishwasher, refilled our medication containers, started our Christmas list, made the food shopping list for today then did the yard work after lunch. A very satisfying day.

Our little car was given a new ignition switch yesterday, which will allow me to go to orchestra rehearsal tonight. My bass only fits into that car. But after our hair cuts today, we will go over the pass to run errands and food shop. It will be nice to be together all day. We have to get serious about our Christmas list and begin to order stuff online. Time is running out!

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