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Monday, December 14, 2015

One Concert, Two Doctors

Monday. Here we go. After spending hours on Sunday buying and wrapping all the Christmas presents, I am going to be peering into the UPS store window at 7:50 waiting for them to open at 8AM. Why so early? Because mom has to have a shot for her bones at 9AM and she doesn't know which campus. So, we are going to one and hoping it is there and not the primary campus, which can be a zoo.

All morning will be directed towards our 12:30 meeting at Natalie's school to watch her student's rehearse for their concert tonight. She has done amazing work building this program, something I never could have done. Brilliant! We can only stay for 45-minutes as mom has an eye appointment at 1:45 at yet another campus.

I won't be home until around 4PM where I can pause for a moment before going to a goodbye reception for the receptionist at our dentist's office. I think we have known her for over thirty years.

Hang on, you won't believe tomorrow's schedule! I may not survive the holidays!

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