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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Diet Thoughts

A friend has struggled with her weight for at least twenty years. She was rather horrified when I was on my liquid diet and just knew that I would not keep the weight off. Well, it's been over five years and I am over ten pounds lighter than when I stopped the liquid diet and moved to my current low carb, low fat diet. I work on it everyday. It is not about the size of my clothing but about being within 25-30 BMI to begin the lung transplant process if my lungs crash.

My friend wants to do a liquid diet but also wants food. She does eat sugar everyday, which makes a liquid diet difficult. I am trying to help her to understand that a true liquid diet, supervised by a physician and purchased at a hospital program is short term. Quickly, on 800 calories per day, the weight comes off. The diet is designed to insure you are never hungry but also never full.

I found my three months on the liquid diet very freeing. I never had to think about food. It was there waiting for me, there were still choices I could make each day and the weight fell off quickly.

She keeps saying she wants to do it her way but...that hasn't worked so far.

So, it is the New Year soon. Most people vow to lose weight. If you need to lose serious weight, please see a nutritionist. There are many options and you will have a check up to insure you are healthy enough for a serious diet.

Exercise is important but it is more important to get the weight off. You will feel so much better.

Food for thought.

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