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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Talking and Listening

It was one of those breakfasts where friends who had not seen each other for months just picked up where we left off.  Dolores was a parent at the school where I got sick who gently kept in touch throughout the entire process of my illness from the very beginning. She is that thoughtful and that kind and that real. We see each other a couple of times a year but we seem to just continue our conversation. So easy. Always so interesting. It is a pure pleasure to spend time with her.

Afterwards, I was able to see mom for a couple of hours. She had lots to show me and needed some help on a few issues. I giggle when I think that tonight she will be playing poker with the guys as she has been on a massive winning streak. She is hot! I hope it continues.

From mom's, I drove to the counselor's office and we talked about Wednesday's appointment with Dr. K. It will be the first time we have seen each other since she embarrassed me, misread a situation, went over the top and insisted that I see a counselor to help with managing my chronic disease. As the counselors told me, I have done an amazing job managing my disease. We strategized and I am feeling confident going into the meeting.

Earlier, I had asked my niece what she wanted for Christmas. Apparently, Shelley has talked with her sweetheart about my cooking as he suggested that I share five of my best recipes with them as their present. Is that so sweet or what? Last night, I went through my recipes, not just my diet recipes but my dinner party recipes and things like truffles and peanut brittle and lots of desserts. Today, I will find a binder for the approximately thirty recipes. The best of the best.

The little tree for the family room will be trimmed today and lots of little decorations will be set up as well. Nothing else. A rather quiet Christmas.

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