Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Wash Your Hands

Rehab boy, Dick phoned yesterday to confirm that he does have a cancerous growth on the outside of his lung. They have proposed radiation therapy but no chemo at this time. He was trying to be positive but I think he was scared. It explains why he suddenly needed oxygen about a year ago and just has not felt well. My job will be to make him laugh every time I see him!

We were invited to Lori and Dave's house for dinner on Saturday but she phoned with a problem. She got a cold last Saturday but was back to work yesterday. She was concerned that I might not want to be exposed to her yet. I kept thanking her! So many people don't think about their "minor cold" exposure to my prednisone-filled body. We decided to cancel and re-schedule on January 1. What a nice way that will be to welcome in the New Year.

There is a very nasty cold going around here. Apparently, it is taking two weeks to fully recover. I think it was spread around during Thanksgiving and it just blossomed. We are washing our hands and trying to be aware of people coughing around us. We immediately leave the area.

Michael and I had a lovely day together yesterday and I went to the orchestra rehearsal last night. I slept so hard that I didn't even hear the rain.

My mom called to ask if I could drive her to her primary doctor this morning. Dr. K. wants to look at her blood pressure issues. It will also give me the opportunity to mention mom's desire for a very small dose of an anti-anxiety drug. So, in the rain this morning, we will be together for that appointment and a quick lunch before my eye doctor appointment in the afternoon. Doctor day!

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