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Friday, December 11, 2015

Feeling Anxious!

We met with mom's primary doctor, she increased her medication for high blood pressure and mom spoke with her about her recent financial anxiety. She got her monthly report the day before, expected a good month and learned she lost another $3,000. Apparently, she burst into tears, compared it to other months, called her broker and still felt she didn't understand why she lost money again.


The doctor started her on a drug for immediate relief while another drug takes about a week to kick in. Short term and long term. We all believe that when her anxiety is under control, her blood pressure will go down.

We had a quick lunch before my eye doctor appointment, my eye pressure was really high, we are dealing with a change in eye drops and trying not to fall into the donut hole before the end of the year. A challenge! It was nice get home and, as an extra bonus, Michael cooked dinner last night. Pork chops and broccoli. Delicious.

This morning, I am so looking forward to having coffee and a goody with my friend Dolores. Mom is expecting me afterwards then I have an appointment with my counselor to work on what I will say to Dr. K. during my appointment next week. Last time we saw each other, it didn't go well. It occurred to me that I am seeing a counselor specifically to learn how to talk to my doctor.


It is another long day today. I need time off but forget it! Christmas shopping and decorating the house takes precedent this weekend. Now I am feeling anxious!

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