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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Recap

Wow. We needed a day to recover yesterday. Christmas was fantastic. We were joined this year by Russ' sister and two of her children. Mom and I fell in love with the 15-year old son who walked in wearing a Wookie jacket and a wicked sense of humor. We wanted to take him home with us. His 11-year old sister was totally in love and awe of my niece Shelley and it was fun to watch as she just could not leave her side.

The theme of the Lewis and Clark expedition was beautifully thought out. We arrived for a lunch of buffalo sliders, olives, nuts, watermelon pickles, oysters and an array of bison, pheasant, duck and venison sausages.

Then the presents were opened. Per their request, I put a binder of 22 recipes together as one of the gifts to Shelley and Russ. They loved it. Lee and Jeff gave mom a pair of boots and she wore them all day! I think I am the last woman on earth without a pair of boots! I was thrilled to get a new small walkman so I can listen to the ballgames and food programs while working in the garden on Saturdays. Michael was thrilled to open beautiful goatskin gloves from Filson as his major present. William introduced us to the Seattle area company, Filson years ago and their catalog now arrives in the mail. Michael used to take it to work to share it with everyone. Stunning. As William would say, you just need to buy something from them once because it will last forever.

My brother's wife, Betty from New Mexico sent placemats for the theme (see above photos). They had "elk horns" in one corner and a cargo pocket filled with little shovels and flour sacks and other camping gear in miniature. Adorable.

After awhile, dinner was ready. Elk from Kansas continued the theme, which was served with a cooked down cranberry sauce. They also made au gratin potatoes without cream in a crock pot, a simple salad and biscuits. So very delicious. So very perfect!

My cough is still pretty bad, though better. I do feel better so I hope the prednisone and antibiotics are working together to calm everything down. The goal today is to stay in, pay some bills and not much else. We will have to bring groceries in tomorrow but I really don't think we will leave the house today.

My brother sent a photo of their backyard as of this morning. The snow has fallen and is being measured in feet! A rare event for them. There will be a snow day tomorrow, an extra bonus!

I so hope your Christmas was filled with friends and family and fun.

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