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Monday, December 28, 2015

Facing the Music

We did nothing except eat yesterday. We never left our chairs. With the prednisone on board, I feel like I have gained 100 pounds. My goal today is to drink lots of water, get out of the house and eat lightly because later this afternoon, we are going to Rick and Natalie's. Yes, we are going out where I have no control over the food. Great. But, it will be fantastic to visit with them and, as a special bonus, their daughter Melanie is home from college so we are excited to see everyone.

All the homemade goodies from the neighbors were either eaten or tossed by yesterday afternoon and I am bringing in my weekly groceries today. Only food on my diet. Back on the horse...

One present from Lee and Jeff was a FitBit mini. It took me a bit to set it up but today will be my first day wearing it out into the world. Another reminder to keep moving and to keep my mouth shut and empty of food!

My cough begins every time I do anything. No, it is not as bad as it was and I do feel so much better. There are three more days of antibiotics. My retina issue seems to be the same, no improvement and it is still driving me nuts.

We are thinking of British Don this morning, who spent the holiday with his daughter in Nashville. He will be trying to make a connecting flight home through Dallas this afternoon. Ah, good luck with that! I have a feeling we may never see him again!

I always love the week between Christmas and the New Year. It seems like extra holiday time. Family time. Another week off before we have to get back to our lives. Today, mom and I will be together for a few hours, have a nice lunch and food shop. I am also sure we will be talking non-stop!

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