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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Beginning to Feel the Spirit

I am feeling less overwhelmed this morning. Yesterday, I lightly decorated the family room, the little tree is flashing lights as I write, and we went shopping last night. When I read Shelley's text asking for five recipes as their Christmas present (as well as some wine), I became possessed. Culling through my files, I found 22 of my best recipes. I included those that changed the way I cooked by adding confidence to try more. Also included, are two of the most detailed and difficult recipes of my favorites. They taught me techniques. Life changing recipes. They are now in a 1/2" binder slipped into plastic protectors with a photo of one dessert on the front cover. I typed a sweet note for the front page followed by the Table of Contents. It is done.

In the afternoon, we drove over the pass to the very high end liquor store where Michael had good luck to spot his rare and difficult to find bourbons. It was busy but not packed. We were surprised! We found 17-year old Wild Turkey Masters Keep for William. A rare find! We bought Whistle Pig Rye for Jeff (Lee's husband) and finally, Maker's Mark Cask Strength and two bottles of fine French Rose wines for Shelley and Russ.

Done, done and done.

We are up at 5:30 this morning to prepare for our 8AM adventure at the Mall. We are shopping until there is nothing left on our list. Well, I still will need to buy gift cards, buy See's Candy and nuts to make presents for the rehab staff. But, everything else will be ready to be wrapped and stored for hauling to Lee and Jeff's Christmas morning.

Today's shopping is all about us! We need to finish shopping with mom's money for our last presents, finish shopping for Chip and Betty and Michael's mom so they can be sent in the mail tomorrow.

But first, another cup of coffee, please.

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