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Friday, December 4, 2015

No Yawning

All plans were toss out the window yesterday. Mom phoned around 9AM with a reported blood pressure of 199 over 110. Entering stroke territory. I took her to her university hospital ER, they made sure she was stable then referred he back to her pacemaker doctor, we went upstairs to just check in to see if he was around, ran into our favorite cardiologist (gorgeous woman with leather clothing and always tall stiletto heels), she set mom up with a 24 hour blood pressure monitor test kit, which we have to return today.

I think she needs a change to her medication but the bottom line is I think she is very anxious. She has been driving herself nuts with her financial numbers. Her rent has gone up $233/month over the past almost four years. She thought it was so much more. When I finally pointed that out to her, she felt a little better but still...she is nervous. We are looking at a new facility today but I know she is not going to like it. Very inexpensive and not based on income but I think she would have to begin in a studio and transfer to a 1-bedroom when one becomes available. There is no way she could function in a studio. I think she just needs to see her other options and realize that she has a fantastic deal where she is so she calms down a bit. I have also suggested that she talk with doctor about some support with a small dosage of anti-anxiety medication for a little bit. She thought that was a good idea.

My other worry: Michael has been yawning often and loudly the past two days. Something new. After reading on the internet, it could be low blood sugar, dehydration, the need for more oxygen in his blood due to a heart valve problem or...nothing.

Now I am anxious

I reminded him of our plan this morning: I am scheduled to die first, not him. I'll kill him if he beats me to it. He laughed and promised not to die first. I think I may try to get that in writing!

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