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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

All in the Driving Rain

It was one of those days where I dressed in my fancy workout clothes and didn't change all day. Running errands in the morning before the rehab class, I flew over the pass in a driving rain storm to meet with Michael, who was having our rear brakes replaced for the road trip next week. He forgot to sign William's birthday card and I just couldn't sign it for him. It is our son. He needed to sign it.

After a quick hello-sign this-goodbye, I drove to the UPS store so his birthday presents and card are on their way. All in the rain. Michael mentioned I needed breath mints sooooo, I stopped to buy mints.  In the driving rain. Off to rehab class where I worked out pretty hard.

At home, I cooked the afternoon away. I made a breakfast frittata for the both of us and the best Atkins Sweet and Sour Pork. It was amazing. The sauce didn't have the sugarery sweetness of the real deal but it somehow was even better with a very clean taste.

The Irish Fiddling group has a gig Friday night so we had a rehearsal last night. It was sweet. We had just four of us (the others had colds) and two had returned from fantastic trips. Leslie spent New Year's in Hawaii and Dave had a life changing trip to Sri Lanka. To quote the Blues Brothers, we got the band together again.

To get to the rehearsal, we had to run the bass through the rains. Thankfully, I still had my workout clothing on with my running shoes. The workout clothes made it through the entire day in fine form. Kept me warm and dry.

Today is my day off. The only thing on my schedule is to prepare the house for the housekeepers tomorrow and to have my toes nails done later this morning. Oh, and an orchestra rehearsal tonight during an expected rainstorm.

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