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Monday, January 2, 2017

Into the New Year

No more Christmas. It was packed away into many boxes in the attic awaiting next year. It was rather sad and the house now looks normal, not festive. We worked most of the day, had a fantastic dinner of roasted chicken, a salad and Michael had a baked potato, a rare event.

I thought today would be a normal Monday. I didn't know it was a holiday until I turned on TV and noticed the Rose Parade was on at 8AM. The problem is that I am to meet with mom for the day so, Michael is going along with me and the three of us will hang out for the day. She loves having him around as it changes our routine for the better. He makes her laugh.

The only thing I still need to do in the new year is to organize my paperwork, enter data for taxes and create new files for 2017. Everything else is done. Every bill is paid and I feel like I am starting the year with a fresh start. I love that feeling.

I have been using my oxygen around the house more often, especially while working on dismantling Christmas. It even helped while preparing dinner. The inhaler seems to be key so I try to remember to use it more often. The coughing has really subsided.

Another fun day ahead. Guess the holiday fun continues!

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