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Friday, January 27, 2017

Lots of Pressure

I have been taking prednisone since March of 2005. That is a long time and I have almost every side effect listed on some websites online. One, is glaucoma. High pressure in my eyes. My normal eye doctor kept her eye on the pressure because of the prednisone and, as it began to rise, sent me off to my very cool glaucoma specialist Dr. W. over eight years ago. All has been stable until yesterday.

We were chatting, I told him about the three-book Century Series written by Ken Follett that I just finished reading, he told me about his vacation in Hawaii and other fun stuff. He set up the machine to take the pressure in my eyes and he instantly got very serious.

Right eye, fine. Left eye, the pressure was 40. Great in 14, normal for me is around 20 as I have thick corneas. But, 40?!? He was shocked.

So, I was given a new eye drop to add to the other two I take and an appointment to see him again in a week. If the pressure is not down, I will be having a laser treatment to reduce the pressure. YIKES!

After the appointment, I drove home, made a quick lunch and took a long nap. The phone rang and I felt like I woke up stupid. It took time to get my feet under myself and was making dinner when Michael walked in with Lisa, our neighbor. We all had a fun talk for an hour while I cooked. Love that!

I did have problems going back to sleep in the early morning, probably related to my eyes. I am worried.

Today, mom and I are together all day then I have to be in the hip beer bar by 5, Michael is just going to drop me off and run. It should be wild, interesting, hot and I am so happy that I will be playing in a little corner with no one even close to me. Perfect.

The weather this weekend is going to be a rain-free one so I hope to feel well enough to cut the grass and water some pots. Small goal.

Happy Friday.

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