Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Sunday, January 8, 2017


I slept through the storm last night. Michael told me that he was awakened in the very early morning when it sounded like the roof was being lifted off the house. The winds and the rains were blowing! Hard! Me? Snoring.

We have been up and moving since 5AM, the band of rain came through and another major one is due in an hour. We are both going to take showers, we are charging phones and computers and settling in for the day. There are flood warnings until 2PM.

But, so far, so good. All the trees on the property are still standing. We have food in the house and gas in the cars, if needed. With all this going on around us, we spent yesterday making restaurant reservations for our Palm Springs vacation Christmas present from William. The place is filled with snowbirds and we couldn't get into one of our favorite places for lunch, just an early dinner. Anna and Doug are going to meet us there for a day and a night at the same hotel. Looking ahead at the area's weather forecast, it appears it will be dry with temperatures in the mid-70s. Just about perfect.

While the storms are raging around us, my mind is picturing us sitting around a pool, walking around Palm Springs and we are even planning a trip to Joshua National Park, just miles north of Palm Springs. No doctor appointments, nothing on a schedule. A perfect get away.

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