Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Saturday, January 28, 2017


My head and body want to take it easy today but I have so much to do! This is the first weekend in weeks that it is not raining and dry enough to cut the grass. With my knee still not 100%, I am going to try to work out in the gardens this morning. Sometime today, the bills need to be paid, the shopping lists made, the sheets washed and ironed and dinner made.

I need a nap.

The gig with the Irish Fiddling group went really well last night. It was at a local beer pub that has recently won awards for their brews. The place was packed and we had them in the palm of our hands. It was so much fun and not as steamy hot as the last time we played there. I noticed they had tall bar chairs, so I nabbed one and sat on it while playing. Perfect rest for my knee though I always feel that I don't have the strength or ease of movement around the finger board when I sit instead of stand. Michael dropped me off then came back to pack me up at 8PM. He kept mentioning that the place smelled like a locker room. It did smell a bit but I thought it was more an old beer smell.

The entire group enjoyed their free beers so everyone was very happy. Sometimes I wish I liked wine or beer or some special drink. Alas. I don't feel like an adult in these circumstances.

We play at the organic market during a wine tasting next Friday night so that should be fun, too!

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