Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, January 26, 2017


My brain hurt after the orchestra rehearsal! Lots of concentration. Lots of having to really focus and think. And count beats. My hand was tired and cramping but the woman on cello sitting in front of me kept trying to shake some life into her bowing hand. "I feel ya, sista!"

Earlier in the day, I was able to tick off the list in my brain of all the little loose ends that needed to be addressed. It felt marvelous taking care of all the things that have been bothering me. I never stopped moving. Still unresolved issue bothering me: No letter from my medicare regarding both of our incomes and their letter acknowledging that I received my medical through Medicare. I need them before we can have our taxes done. My mom has received hers but I am worried that the mailman messed up. If I don't get them by next week, I will have to contact Medicare.

In a fantastic new update: I tried to arrange an appointment with a new nutritionist when I learned that Mr. B. was still on the staff! He is still there! I made an appointment for the first week of March. Thrilled!

This morning, I am going to swing by rehab to show the RNs my knee and offer my promise to return next week. Earlier, I have a glaucoma doctor appointment to check my pressure.

The rest of the day just has me cooking meatballs for dinner and nothing else. I will ponder about and rest up so I am strong for tomorrow. Ah, tomorrow. My mom and I will be together then I have a hot gig with the Irish Fiddlers in a cool beer pub. Hops in a hopping place!

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