Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I received the following information from my ILD Support Group: MonARC Bionetworks is a Patient Powered Research Network committed to accelerating research in IPF by facilitating collaboration between patients and researchers. It is completely free to patients. If you are interested, their website is HERE with all the information.

Today is the only morning all week when I don't have to be anywhere until rehab around noon. A quiet morning to gather myself and to run minor errands. I am out of Aprodine and worry that I won't have it on hand if I feel the beginnings of a cold. First thing on my list is to order it from the Rite-Aid pharmacy, as they usually don't carry it.

The bank statement came so I need to balance my checkbook then swing by the bank to pay the credit card bill. Today also promises a dinner of Asian Meatballs followed by an Irish Fiddling rehearsal. Oops, I just received an email that both Leslie and her husband are ill. Sounds like the flu! The rehearsal is now cancelled!

In rehab, I will be able to determine if my knee is healing well. There is no pain when I walk or use stairs but it sometimes just feels weird and it is still a bit swollen and numb in one area. It will feel great to exercise again.

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