Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, January 12, 2017


No rain for one day! It was warmish and dry and lovely yesterday. My toes are now a Palm Springs peach and ready for the road trip beginning Monday. The house will be cleaned today while I am out buying baby presents at Nordstrom for British Don's new grandson before heading to the rehab class. A fun day!

Today is my little brother's 60th birthday! How did that happened? He is just a kid!

In other birthday news, I am really worried about my almost 93-year old friend Sherman. We spoke on the phone yesterday, I asked if he could come to the rehab class if I promised a piece of his favorite tiramisu for his birthday. He became flustered and almost overwhelmed with just the thought of leaving his house. Not a good sign though I did get a few good laughs out of him. His birthday is Saturday and I will phone him a couple times a week from now on.

I was telling Richard at rehab all about trying to get Sherman to come to class with my threat of tiramisu. He shared that he had never heard of it. While leaving class last Tuesday, he walked slowly by me while I was lifting weights and said in his slow, Texan drawl: "If a piece of that tiramisu falls off the truck while you are there, I wouldn't mind trying a piece." Done. After Nordstrom, I am going to buy a nice piece for him and two cannolis, one for both he and his son.

A smaller storm is due today and it is cold! We so need the rain since we have been in a long-term drought but not all at one time! In the last week, we have gotten 5 inches of rain but just south of us in the mountains, they got 20 inches. Lots of roads closed, rock slides and trees down.

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