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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Meeting and Rehearsal

It felt like life was back to normal yesterday. Mom and I talked for hours and hours while we had an appointment and lunch. It had been over a week since we had last been together. Way too long.

Today is going to be interesting as ninety representative from all the Boards at my university hospital will be at a meeting and luncheon at a fancy restaurant. We were sent some information last evening that reminded us that it will begin promptly at 10:00. Great. I love that. I hate arriving on time only to find people straggling in for the next half hour and the real business not beginning for an hour. It always feels like a waste of time. We will arrive around 9:30, find a good seat and will be focused to begin right on time. Let's hope.

My knee is still numb and sore but somewhat better. I think I will try to get an appointment to have an MRI to be sure that it is not damaged in other ways than what an X-ray would reveal. Tendons. Ligaments.

I am watching my food intake and yesterday was excellent yet I have made a decision to call for an appointment with a new nutritionist, as my Mr. B. as moved on. I really miss him. It helps to see someone every 4-6 months as it keeps me honest.

Dr. K. will also receive an email regarding the drug trial that was supposed to begin this month. I had sent an email requesting to be part of the trial but never received a reply. I'll put her on the trail.

Later this evening, there is an Irish Fiddling rehearsal as we had a hot gig Friday night.

It's going to be one heck of a day.

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