Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Mom and I took Michael to lunch at the Chicago-style restaurant we tried last Friday. He said he felt like he was back in the Windy City. The food was very authentic. We had lunch after driving mom to a mall where she returned a gift to JC Penney, bought some socks and chatted the entire time. She was so surprised that Michael came with me for the day as she adores him. He kept making her laugh, and that's a good thing!

Today, it is back to the rehab class but I need to buy birthday cards first thing this morning. My brother, Sherman, Else (with her new lung transplants from rehab class) and our son all have birthdays in that order. I thought I would tease 93-year old Sherman by sending three cards, a few days apart. The final one will be sweet and nice while the other's, not so much! 

My brother is going to get the "coloring book" he sent to me for my birthday. "Cats with Hats." We have agreed that he has to color a page, sign and date it before giving it to the next birthday person. His wife! This thing is going to spend a lot of time in the mail but will be fun to see through the years. 

We just received an invitation to attend a four-hour meeting of representatives from all the Boards at my university hospital. They want a discussion, our opinions and lunch is included! We're in! I am looking forward to this.

I am also awaiting a phone call from our son today regarding his Christmas present to us. He offered a choice of four very swanky hotels in the Palm Springs area, we chose two (the least expensive) and he will be making the reservations at one of them today. Hopefully, the rains will pause and we can enjoy the magic of the Coachella Valley in mid-January. What a very kind, thoughtful, expensive (!) gift!

So, into rehab I go. Exercise!

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