Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, July 31, 2015

Still Alive

It always amazes me when I check my blog stats the first thing in the morning, that I have already had hundreds of hits. I smile. Someone has just found me and is reading past blogs for information. Today, when checking the audience button, it listed Russia and France with huge numbers. Passing along my experiences dealing with this bad diagnosis was the reason for this blog. I feel like I am doing some good when the numbers are so high. People are getting information.

I am in such a healthy phase right now that I worry I am boring but that in itself is a headline! Still alive, still active and still living life to its fullest after living with this disease since 2002 is proof that diet, exercise and good medical care work together for a longer and better quality of life.

Today, I am so looking forward to seeing a dear friend. A former parent from the school where I got sick. A woman who has stuck with me and worried about me and celebrated with me all these years. There were times when our lunches were the only positive things in my life. Worries about the lawsuits and money and dying were at the forefront of life during those times. In this phase, it is just wonderful to feel healthy and happy as we meet this morning.

So read on France and Russia and all the people in other countries who have found me. I so hope any information you find is useful and it gives you hope.

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