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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

New Goal Set

I had a great workout in rehab class and began adjusting to not having Sherman around. I miss him. We spoke on the phone before the class, I wished him a Happy Valentine's Day and suggested he come to just hangout before the class one day soon. People missed him. It would be nice to just see him. I don't think it will happen but I will keep trying.

Since I have not been exercising everyday, I am feeling out of shape. My goal, made yesterday, is to try and exercise at least five out of seven days a week. Reason? Two weddings coming up! My niece, Shelley, is getting married in May and Michael's nephew is being married on the Queen Mary in August. I plan to buy one nice new lightweight dress for both weddings. William is invited to both weddings, which should be interesting. Michael's family has not seen him since he was a little kid so the groom has never met him. I so hope his schedule allows him to attend.

Today, we are meeting British Don for a Deem Sum lunch (their spelling) at the #1 place in the city. I am going to try and not eat a lot but, it hear it is really good. Later this evening, the orchestra rehearsals will begin again for the February concert feature Mozart. Rather excited about it.

The rains return late tonight but there will be a break on the weekend. That will be my chance to try to walk along the cliffs for the first time in a long time.

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