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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Pressure Check

With a storm raging, I decided not to drive over the pass for the rehab class yesterday. It had been closed earlier because of a tree blocking the road but I was more worried about trying to get home after the class. I did a lot around the house but every time I tried to nap, some scammer would phone. We have caller ID on the land line so we never answer it or our cell phones if we don't know who is calling. It happened twice. I gave up.

Michael got home early, also worried about the roads, and I was able to sleep before dinner and even another 45-minute nap just before having to go to the Irish Fiddling rehearsal. It was a rough rehearsal as we looked at three new pieces. There is a long gig coming up on Friday evening.

But, the real stress is this morning. I have a very early appointment over the pass with the glaucoma doctor to check my pressures after the laser surgery a week ago. Fingers crossed. It began at 40, was 32 last week before the surgery so now it should have settled in for a true reading.

While over the pass, I am going to food shop. The most fun is going to be tonight as British Don is joining us for dinner at a German restaurant in the city. Something to look forward to all day!

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