Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Preparations Continue

Yards? Done! After five hours of work everything is sparkling. It was to a point towards the end that I had to force myself to continue. I am not totally recovered yet from the virus and I did push it a bit too much. I was toast. Yet, I still made dinner and cleaned the kitchen. By 7:30, I was in bed and slept 10 hours.

While doing yard work, I decided to remove a small Meyer's Lemon tree. I'm talking about a foot tall. It never really liked where it was planted and just needed to go. While pulling on it, I felt my back being pulled. Oh no. That's what I need! This morning, I feel just a small twinge. Thankfully it is not worse.

I heard from the doctor regarding my hip MRI and words like, "as we get older" kept creeping into the conversation. My bones are great but all the other things that fail as we age are doing their job: failing. It was suggested that I give up the treadmill and walks to swimming and bicycling. Great. I'm not allowed near a swimming pool because of dirty water molecules getting into my lungs and bicycling out into the world is impossible. I just don't have the lung strength. Asking if there was rehab I could do to build muscle around the issues, she said she would send the referral. I will be asking about the elliptical machine at rehab, which is so less jarring on the joints.

Today, I am going out into the world. I am hitting the bank, two grocery stores, Peet's to buy coffee grounds, See's Candy to buy a pound for Doug then home to make sugar-glazed walnuts, clean the stove hood, file all the paperwork and wash the windows. Just a few more things to do!!

When Anna and Doug finally arrive on Friday, I will be able to relax and enjoy their company.

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