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Friday, June 26, 2015

Tough Traffic, Great Dinner

We had a great time at dinner with British Don last night but I have to mention the traffic. It was crazy. It took forever to get from the house over the pass because of the tourists who were driving home after a day at the beach. Then, rush hour traffic. We crawled. I took a sneaky back way and finally made my way to Michael's work. But, I noticed that the traffic on the northbound freeway had stopped. Needed Plan B.

We had to take another group of side roads to drive up to a different freeway then, when that freeway stopped, we drove back down to the first freeway. It was not horrible but slow. Finally, we made it to Don's loft mentally exhausted yet so very grateful to not have to do that commute on a daily basis.

We wove through the city to eat at a cool German restaurant in the Mission District, shared a plate of various sausages and sauerkraut and talked. We were there a couple of hours. It was good to get brought up to speed since we had not seen him in several weeks.

Afterwards, the top went down on the car, we drove through the city, dropped Don off then headed down the coast just at sunset. Lots of color. It was so beautiful. The ocean was a deep blue and calm. Still in the 60s. So very relaxing.

Today, mom and I are meeting Barbara and her daycare kids at a Japanese Tea Garden I used to often take William when he was little. It is part of a larger park, which has a great playground and even a small train. After lunch in the park, we are going to the PEZ Museum. Really. I used to know the owner years ago, as a bass player in the orchestra used to work for him when it was a computer company. The museum began to make more money than the computer store! It is now rather famous. We are so looking forward to seeing Barbara and hanging out with the kids.

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