Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, June 19, 2015

Nice Weekend Ahead

Doug was sent home from the hospital yesterday after a ton of tests, which didn't find another tumor anywhere in his body. That is a good sign. They plan to remove the brain tumor on June 30. No one seems to be in a huge hurry, which is also a good sign. Surgery on the brain is never a walk in the park so there is still a lot of anxiety about having to face it. He is in good hands.

Rehab class went well but Sherman was also very anxious about having his first treatment for macular degeneration: a shot in his eye. Mom has been having these treatments for over four years and it has saved her eye site. I walked Sherman through the process and told him the secret of taking two aspirin afterwards so I hope he feels a bit more prepared going into it today.

Michael has chosen his Father's Day dinner: We will split a small steak, each with have a grilled colossal shrimp, cole slaw and he is going to have a piece of Tiramisu from his favorite bakery. Weather should be beautiful and we plan to stay in the garden all day. He also is expecting to hear from William, who will be in Germany on Sunday on their way to yet another festival in his new favorite country Croatia. It will be good to hear his voice.

I am looking forward to a change of pace this weekend. Instead of working in the yards on Saturday, I am meeting our friend Barbara (without her wonderful day care kids) to pick out some new glasses then lunch together. Like an adult. No chores. I am so looking forward to it!

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