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Monday, June 22, 2015

Opposite Day

We named yesterday "Opposite Father's Day." It began when Michael made eggs for our breakfast. Wait, shouldn't I have made breakfast for him? After watching the Formula 1 race (the most boring of the season), Michael CUT THE GRASS while I was taking a shower. He never cuts the grass but it was really long and I had planned to cut it myself later in the day. What a surprise. Wait, shouldn't I have cut the grass on this special day?

Then we hopped in the car, put the top down and drove down the coast to our favorite dive before the tourists invaded. We ran into the man who owns the restaurant right on the ocean north of us. We sat and chatted while Michael had a Ramos Fizz. Later, he BBQed a small steak and two colossal shrimp in their shells for our dinner then made a nice decaf Nespresso for me. Wait...

I told him that I really loved Father's Day and we should celebrate it more often!!!

Our son phoned from the tour, which was in Germany on their way to Croatia. They had a nice chat. Father and son. Michael asked him to arrange VIP tickets to an upcoming concert in Southern California for his favorite cousin and her son, who is interested in becoming a sound engineer. They have never met William. He will have her son hang out with him before the concert then he can stand near him during the concert to see how he mixes the sound. It is the first time we have ever asked this of William. I messaged his cousin on Facebook to let them know it had been arranged and gave them William's cell number to text that day and when they arrive to the venue. The response was overwhelming. They were shocked and their son was elated.

I hope everyone enjoyed their fathers or the sweet memories of their fathers with special attention on their special day.

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