Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Together

Jury duty. For the first time in years, the paperwork came in the mail requesting my presence. Dr. K. had written a letter to request my permanent removal from the rolls of jury duty in 2008. Can you imagine me in a room of hundreds of people waiting to see if we have to go into a smaller room before a judge, sit together all day then sit on a jury all day? The germs alone would kill me. Also, sitting that long for weeks and weeks would make me have to start my rehab from the very bottom. It would also be exhausting and I know I would end up sick.

I sent a quick email to Dr. K. on Saturday and she wrote back! First, an automatic reply came that she was not in until Monday, yet she still answered my email. One remarkable woman. Hopefully, I will get a note from her to send into the courts.

After doing the yard work yesterday, I tried to just stop and rest. I am still not feeling great. Today, I am putting new sheets on the bed (they were left on our doorstep yesterday), running to Safeway, taking a shower then meeting Michael over the pass to buy some new jeans for him, swinging by the butcher then a quick run to Trader Joe's. It will be nice to be out into the world with him.

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