Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Sunday, June 28, 2015


On Tuesday, waiting for my pulmonary rehab class to begin, I spoke with Ron for the first time since his lung transplants. He had been working out in our class while waiting for the call. Though he is over 60-years old, he received two lungs. It is a tougher surgery than a single lung transplant but usually a better result. I learned from him that my university hospital is now trying to primarily perform double lung transplants to those strong enough for the surgery, regardless of their age. He is a slight, shorter man and clearly in good shape, having been working out in pulmonary rehab for years.

We were able to have a quick chat. He only waited two months for the lungs, spent only 10 days in the hospital and was just 3-weeks post-op. AMAZING! He looked fantastic, pink and happy. He said his was a textbook case as he had not one problem during the entire process.

He gave me such hope and confidence as I face the possibility of transplants. I have seen such bad outcomes just before and after transplants that I was beginning to believe no one made it past the first year. He will and I will be cheering him on.

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