Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Don't Stop

At the other rehab yesterday, I had two conversations with people I have spoken with before but this time, they asked questions about my oxygen. That opened a whole conversation from how I got the disease to lung transplants. Through the years, I have gotten good at telling the story simply and quickly. If they want more information, they will ask specific questions. And they did.

Both parties are in the cardiac rehab class, so they have health issues. They have lived through the scare of an incident. Both are fighters.

As we were talking, one said that sometimes she realizes that she can't do things she was able to do just a couple of years ago. I offered how I have learned to adjust to those changes but to keep moving. Never stop doing anything. Change the approach. Adjust but keep moving forward is my mantra.

And with that in mind, I tried the elliptical. Yikes! Without using the arms, I was short of breath and felt the pressure in my knees within minutes. At the rehab class today, I will asked to do a minute this week and work up to two minutes next week. We'll see if I am able to build up my stamina or if it is just too much for my lungs and knees. I also will admit that I spent a bit of time on my beloved treadmill and did not have any pain.

Yesterday, Dr. K. sent an email to be printed and sent to excuse me from jury duty. What a doctor. I will attach her business card to the email, make a copy for my files and send it in today. I bet Michael that he will be receiving his jury duty notice within the month.

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