Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Good then REALLY Bad News

Back to rehab class this morning. The experiment on the elliptical on Tuesday was a success. Theirs was power driven so it was a bit easier. I went two minutes, my saturation level remained at 96% and my heart got a bit of a workout. Today, I will do two minutes again then add an additional two minutes next week. There was no pain in my hip or my knees afterwards or the next morning. That is good news. I did do a warm up at 2.5 MPH for 11 minutes on the treadmill, which felt great.

I also set up several weeks of PT for my hip. We so adored mom's therapist that I requested him, ran into him after my class and we are both so happy to have him working with me. Should be fun and a lot of work. He was tough.

Now for the very bad news: Anna and Doug. Michael's older sister and her newly-retired public defender husband who just came for a visit. He was having problems with vertigo while he was here and was also falling out of bed. Apparently, after they got home, he was sleeping all day and was repeating everything he said five times. Clearly something was wrong.

He finally made an appointment with his doctor yesterday for the same time that Anna was taking her neighbor to her chemo appointment. He wanted to go alone. The doctor quickly found liquid behind his eardrum, which was causing the problems but...let's get a CT Scan just to be sure.

Bottom line: They found a 3-5 mm tumor in the lower left side of his brain. He was admitted into ICU, they are doing an MRI of his head and a CT scan of his stomach and heart, and will run his blood work today. There is talk that they might send him home for the weekend but the surgery will be Monday or Tuesday.

It hit Michael really hard. No one slept very well last night. We are so praying that it is able to be removed, benign and Doug continues on with his retirement.

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