Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, June 5, 2015

Grateful for the Disease

Someone recently told me I had a white light surrounding me. A protective and positive white light. When I was in first grade in a Catholic school in Illinois, a very young and very sweet nun told us all about Guardian Angels who watch over us. I remember thinking, "So that's what that is!"

Whether it is a Guardian Angels or intuition, I have listened to that inner voice all of my life. It has saved me many, many times. I trust it when I meet people. I trusted it when I interviewed and hired people. I knew I found the love of my life just writing Michael's last name (read about that story HERE) and just waited for him to figure it out.

One scary story was when I was dating a guy in the 60s. We had taken a ride in his VW bus - it was the 60s, after all - and were parked in a pullout on Devil's Slide. We had climbed the small hill to look over the cliffs to the crashing waves below when something told me to move NOW. Run. I looked around and saw two guys walking quickly towards us. "Let's go now," I said to my boyfriend and for once, he listened to me. He moved, I kept saying, "Hurry, hurry!"

I knew that if we did not get into the bus and go that these two guys were going to push us off the cliff to steal the bus. They were getting closer and closer. Finally, he started the bus and we drove off. I looked back to see them both stop, throw up their hands, turn around and walk back the other way.

When I got sick, instead of praying for a cure, I would ask for guidance. Prayed for help to understand my new unexpected path. Years later, I realize that having this disease has brought such positive changes to my life that I am grateful for it. I am fit. I am very happily married. I am being able to share our experiences to help others through this difficult experience. I am hoping that the white light stays to guide and protect me a few more years.

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