Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fun Tonight

Five hours of hand trimming, cutting the lawn, raking, hauling a ladder, using the electric trimmer, blowing it all into a nice pile and hauling it all away. Hot and sweaty. It felt great yesterday. No stiffness this morning. I slept so well and forced myself out of bed this morning.

After rehab class today, I am coming home to change clothes and wait a couple of hours before going back over the pass to nab Michael from work. We are going to have dinner in the city with British Don. We haven't seen him since he vacationed in Hawaii then another vacation in Miami Beach. Can't wait to hear all the details. It is the warmest day of the week so it will be a beautiful night to wander the city.

Anna told us that Doug should be in the hospital four days and two to three weeks to recover from brain surgery next Tuesday. I will bet there will be a bit of rehab as well. The pre-op was Tuesdays and they felt much better after being walked through the process and all of their questions were answered. Still scary.

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