Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


The funeral for a friend's wife was yesterday. The church was overflowing with people and I think the entire Top Brass from a large fire department filled the aisles and back of the church. Her son is a fireman. I sat next to a friend's wife who has been fight cancer for years. It appears to now be a losing battle. Her numbers just turned bad, she probably has had her limit of chemo and was suffering through this final round. It was so sad.

Because of mom, I left early to take her to the hard-to-get driver's license renewal appointment. It was jammed, people without appointments were looking at 2+ hours of waiting. It was a tough and unhappy crowd. Mom almost blew the eye exam but finally figured out what she was doing wrong, took the written test and passed with a 100% gold star. She danced out of there with relief.

Michael and I had a quiet night and received an invitation to Jay's memorial service in their home on Sunday. Yes, Anna and Doug will be here but we must go to be with the his family.

I am feeling better. No coughing this morning but my ear is still filled with fluid. So very annoying. Today, the gardens will be done. I am going to try to focus on the back gardens as we will be there more than the front. Tomorrow, I will gather the food and prepare the house for the housekeepers.

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