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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ano Nuevo

It has been a whirlwind. We went to Ano Nuevo yesterday: HERE. The elephant seals were molting, the females had arrived and the young males were playing/fighting. It was perfect weather for the event: sunny but with fog just off the coast for a cool breeze. To see the elephant seals, there was a 3.4 mile walk up and down hills and over some sand dunes. It was a difficult hike for me, especially the second half.

Finally, we made it to the viewing area. There were approximately 300 elephant seals propelling their massive slug-like bodies up onto the warm sands, fighting and vocalizing in the water, chasing each other and just sunbathing in the sun. Fascinating.

I was worried about the hike back. The sand dunes would be a huge challenge and there were major hills I was going to have to climb. Michael noticed a wooden walkway that led away from the viewing area. He asked the docent if that was for the disabled. She replied yes, it connected to a road but they couldn't help me because we had not pre-ordered a staff member and transportation to come to pick me up.


So, Michael is not one to let the rules prevent him from doing something that he feels is the right thing to do. He helped Anna and me over the little rope, pointed up towards the road and told us we would meet in the parking lot.

We took off. It was a graveled road with only one minor hill. I avoided the sun dunes. I avoided about four other huge uphills. We kept walking on the road wondering where it would lead us. Finally, there was a fork in the road. To our right was the last bathroom bulding and the docent's structure. We called the boys to tell them to meet us there. As we took that road, the docent began to walk towards us with a man using a cane. Anna got nervous. As we passed, we smiled and said our hellos. The docent never stopped to question where we had come from and what we were doing there.

We met the boys on the trail and the rest of the walk back, except for one long uphill, was uneventful. I was so very happy to see the car!

There was the fancy campground just a couple of miles up the road so we had a delightful late lunch while watching the final leg for the Triple Crown. About the campground HERE.

A bit after we got home, appetizers were served on the side patio on the table Jeff made for us. Crab mold, Brie and Fig Wrap, Bruschetta.

I fell into bed by 8:30.

Michael had a rough night. Something he ate caused massive diarrhea and something bit him on his neck. I ran out to Safeway this morning to buy some relief for him as it needs to be under control for Jay's funeral today. Since we split the lunch and ate everything the same yesterday, we can't figure out what he had eaten to cause the problem.

Later this morning, we will go to Jay's services and leave our company with the keys to the house, the remote controls for the big TV in the living room and instructions on how to connect up with the coastal trail. It should be sunny and warm here today.

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