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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Changing Password

Sorry about no blog yesterday. The alarm rang at 5:30, I had to be out the door by 6:50 for an appointment for mom. No problem until we turned on the news to find that Comcast was recommending changing passwords. My computer had been doing weird things, I ran into a malware site when opening a recipe then earlier something downloaded, which I quickly deleted, trashed, emptied trash and restarted the computer.

I got into my Comcast account site but could not answer my security question. The clock was ticking. I was able to live chat with Travis, who was wonderful. After 15-minutes, I was able to reset my password and off I went with two bites of breakfast but all my medications on board.

Problem. Lots of traffic here on the coastside. Lots of traffic on the other side trying to get to mom. She actually was in her car and ready for me. We flew down the freeway, more hideous traffic, and arrived exhausted at her university hospital. We decided to get her a bit of food at the clinic to let the traffic settle down.

We went to a mall miles north to visit JC Penney for pajamas for Michael's mom. Great choices available. I bought two pair, which will be in the mail today. After dropping mom back at her house, I headed to the rehab class.

Dick looked good but was trying not to think about the cancerous tumor growing on the outside of his lungs. After being reviewed by a tumor board, he has an appointment on the 23rd with his doctor to discuss his options. Sherman looked fantastic and was full of the old Nick. It felt great to workout and sweat but also to check-in with everyone. I had been gone a week.

Michael was home when I arrived and surprised me by having done all the laundry by himself! Even had it all folded on the bed! Miracles do happen!! Finally, after a very rushed and frantic day, I was able to take a deep breath and relax before making dinner. Afterwards, I ironed just four shirts so I wouldn't have to do it today.

Today. We will be together all day. Lots of errands this morning then lunch over the pass then food shopping. We are meeting British Don for an early dinner in the city to celebrate our birthdays. I am still fighting something, been taking my Aprodine at night but will start Coldcalm today.

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