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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Race to Christmas

Countdown to company. A lovely couple who retired and bought a winery in Sonoma County are coming down on Wednesday for their first visit to our little town. We'll take them down Main Street then up to the harbor for lunch. The husband was recently diagnosed with IPF and was the father of the woman who interviewed me for Project #2. I know they are struggling with his supplemental oxygen needs and, once again, I will encourage pulmonary rehab. That is my job in life. Pulmonary Rehab, everyone! A better quality of life! And maybe a longer life! The housekeepers arrive the following morning. Rats! I will have to do some cleaning and Michael is going to wash all the windows on Sunday, inside and out. Love that!

All this is just a preview! Next Saturday, my friend Christien from No. Carolina is going to visit for three days on her way to a wedding in Australia. She and mom really want to meet each other so we will go from the airport to mom's house then out for a nice lunch together. She also wants to drive by the house she sold five years ago. We'll have a light dinner, spend Sunday on the coastside then Monday will be special. We are going to visit the new Upper School built well after we both left the school where I got sick. The Head of the school really like Christien but this will be my first time dealing with her since we sat across from each other during her deposition. Should be interesting.

We also made a major decision. We usually have two Christmas trees: a huge one in the living room and a small one in the family room. The house is decorated with a dozen poinsettias and other beautiful seasonal scenes. It is a lot of work to decorate and a lot of work to put it all away. Since we are not having the family here for Christmas this year, we are just decorating the family room with its small tree, the manger, a few candles and other decorations but that's it. Simple.

I love Christmas and I never thought I would ever cut back. I'm not feeling great, have lost a lot of stamina this past year, not breathing well and have a sporadic cough. Time once again to stop, adjust for the disease and keep moving forward.

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