Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, November 9, 2015

A Birthday

Well, it's my birthday today. When one is told they have a limited number of years left on this earth, each birthday ticks one more year closer to the end. I used to hate them and not want to celebrate them until I turned 60 a few years ago. Sixty. I was not expected to live to see sixty, yet there I was celebrating that milestone. It was also the year we celebrated our 40th anniversary, which had been our goal for so many years. Now, we wonder and wish that we will be together to celebrate our 50th together in 2023. Doesn't seems so impossible now.

I appreciate and am grateful for each year and each day, so I will be celebrating today. There will be cake! There will be a birthday wish when I blow out the candles!

There will also be glorious rain. We so need it and it is a special birthday present.

Michael and I are running a couple of errands then going to a special lunch. Nothing too fancy. Just right. We will then drive mom to her post-op eye doctor appointment and fight all the horrible rush hour traffic coming home. But, we won't care. We will be together.

My hope for the year ahead? Project #1 is still in process and should be completed within the year. Project #2 kickoff is tomorrow night in the city. I hope it takes me another step closer in my goal of working with more people who are struggling with a bad diagnosis. I think that is my life's work.

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